Ant ari アリ(蟻)
Aphid aburamushi アブラムシ
Bedbug tokojirami トコジラミ
Butterfly chou チョウ(蝶)
Carpenter bee
In Japan carpenter bees are large but not harmful. Males do not have a stinger, only females. It is rare for them to sting someone unless they are very threatened. Carpenter bees make their nest by tunnelling into wood.
kuma bachi クマバチ
Caterpillar kemushi ケムシ(毛虫)
Japanese centipedes are very large in size. They love to hide in dark areas such as under rocks or logs. Sometimes they can be found within someone's house or garage. Japanese mukade are venomous so if you encounter one it is advised you don't touch it. If you are stung by one, it will be very painful.
mukade ムカデ
Cicada can be heard across Japan in summer and early fall. They are large in size and often very noisy. Their lifespan is very short, only long enough to mate. In movies and anime they are often heard in the background to show that the story is taking place in summer time. Children often collect cicadas and their shells.
semi セミ(蝉)
Cockroach gokiburi ゴキブリ
Crane fly gaganbo ガガンボ
Cricket koorogi コオロギ
Daddy long legs yuureigumo ユウレイグモ
The iraga (イラガ), most commonly known as denki mushi (electric bug), is a caterpillar that can be found in Japan. It gets its name from the powerful sting it delivers if you touch it, almost like receiving an electric shock.
denkimushi デンキムシ(電気虫)
Dragonfly tonbo トンボ(蜻蛉)
Dung beetle funkorogashi フンコロガシ
Earthworm mimizu ミミズ
Earwig hasamimuchi ハサミムシ
Firefly hotaru ホタル(蛍)
Flea nomi ノミ(蚤)
Fly hae ハエ(蝿)
Honeybee mitsubachi ミツバチ(蜜蜂)
Horsefly abu アブ(虻)
Japanese beetle
The Japanese beetle is a small beetle that can be found in Japan, but in other parts of the world as well. In Japan it is not viewed as a pest but in some areas of the world it is very damaging to plants and crops.
mamekogane マメコガネ(豆黄金)
Ladybug tentoumushi テントウムシ(天道虫)
Lice shirami シラミ
Locust inago イナゴ
Mealworm miiru waamu ミールワーム
Millipede yasude ヤスデ
Monarch butterfly ookabamadara オオカバマダラ
Mosquito ka カ(蚊)
Moth ga ガ(蛾)
Preying mantis kamakiri カマキリ
Silkworm kaiko カイコ(蚕)
Spider kumo クモ(蜘蛛)
The suzumebachi is also called the Japanese hornet. It is very large in size and very dangerous. Its sting delivers a highly poisonous sting. If one is stung by this insect it is advised that you go to the hospital. In the meantime, it is advised to suck the venom out of the wound as one would with a poisonous snake bite. If you come in contact with one of these insects, it is advised to flee the area as fast as possible to avoid being stung. The subspecies oosuzumebachi (オオスズメバチ) is the Giant Japanese hornet and is the largest species of hornet in the world.
suzumebachi スズメバチ(雀蜂)
Termite shiroari シロアリ(白蟻)
Tick madani マダニ
Walking stick nanafushi ナナフシ(七節)
Weevil zoumushi ゾウムシ
Wolf spider komorigumo コモリグモ