How to learn Japanese

   Learning Japanese is often mislabeled as something that is hard to do. However, the only thing that may be considered hard in learning a new language, is finding the time and a good method of study. To give you some ideas as to how you can learn Japanese, we have put together different tips that will help you.

   Study everywhere - Everywhere you go can be a opportunity to study. If you take the bus you can bring notes and study. During break at work or school you can study.

   Find someone to practice with - Even if you don't have real life Japanese friends, you can meet lots of people in our forum who are learning Japanese. There are also many chat rooms you can go in to speak with Japanese people and plenty of websites where you can meet Japanese speakers or learners.

   Think in Japanese - Even when you are alone in your house doing your daily activities you can be studying. Thinking inside your head in Japanese is a good way to practice.

   Use Japanese media - There are tons of Japanese TV shows that can help you better pronunciation and practice what you already know. Even if your not in Japan you can view these things online for free. Movies, music and anime are also excellent sources to help you.

   Change your settings - Why not change your Facebook, twitter or other social networking language settings to Japanese. This will help you get used to seeing Japanese writing.

   Use many resources - 123japanese isn't the only free website that teaches Japanese. The internet is full of many places where you can learn. There are many useful videos on YouTube that can help you.

   Don't limit yourself - Some places say you can study for as little as 30 mins a day. Why have limits? Studying should be something you enjoy doing, not a chore. If you can't study for long periods of time try studying a few times a day for smaller periods of time.

   Write a diary - Writing in the language your learning will help you get used to writing as well as using your brain to come up with sentences. You can write this either on paper or in your computer.

   Write, then re-write - When you were in school the teacher would often write stuff on the board and then tell you to copy it into a book. This is because seeing something and the writing it again helps you remember. There is no limit on the amount of times you can write something down.