Clothing is fuku (服) in Japanese. In Japan there are many different styles of clothing to wear. Some people do still wear traditional Japanese kimono on special occations, but most often people wear western style clothing.

   In Japanese there is a different verb for the word to wear depending on which item your talking about.

   To put on head
(hat, hood) = kaburu (かぶる)
   To put on body
(shirt, dress, jacket) = kiru (着る)
   To put on lower body
(shoes, pants, skirt) = haku (履く)

   Wearing socks and shoes = kutsushita to kutsu o haite imasu

   John isn't wearing hat = jon-san wa boushi o kabutte inai

   I don't wear yellow dress = kiiro no doresu o kinai

   Wear kims pink hat please = kimu-san no pinku no boushi o kabutte kudasai (キムさんのピンクの帽子をかぶってください)