To (と) is a particle where its main function is used in the same way the English words with or and are used, depending on the sentence.

   (I will) eat with Miranda = miranda-san to taberu

   (She will) drink with kim = kimu-san to nomu (キムさんと飲む)

   To when seen between two nouns it often means and and its part of a complete list.

   Egg and apple = tamago to ringo (卵とリンゴ)

   Me and my dog = watashi to watashi no inu (私と私の犬)

   Woman and her horse = onna no hito to kanojo no uma

   To also has other different uses that we will look at in future lessons.


   The particle ya (や) is used to list more than one noun, except it is used for an incomplete list. It implies that there are other items that are not listed.

   Dog, cat and fish
(any other animals) are there = inu ya neko ya sakana imasu (犬や猫や魚います)