Shitsurei shimasu (失礼します)

   Shitsurei shimasu (失礼します) is a phrase that means I'm going to do something rude. This phrase is used when you are about to do something impolite. Some situations where you would say this include,

   • You have to leave a room or area and someone is still there

   • You are passing in front of someone

   • You leave in the middle of a gathering or event

   • You end a business phone call

   When you say this phrase it is almost like saying excuse me in English.

Ojama shimasu (おじゃまします)

   Ojama shimasu (お邪魔します) is a phrase is similar to shitsurei shimasu, except it means I'm going to get in your way. The word jama (邪魔) means someone/something is in the way. It is used when you are intruding on someone or getting in the way of things. Situations where you would use this include,

   • You enter a room or someone's home

   • You enter a room where people are already there