The Japanese word for person is hito (人). In this lesson we will learn how to tell what our nationality is. In japanese it is really simple, you add the country you belong to, with the word jin. If your country isn't below you can find out how to say it here.

   Japanese = nihonjin (日本人)

   American = amerikajin (アメリカ人)

   Canadian = kanadajin (カナダ人)

   You may notice that both hito and jin have the same Japanese kanji character. Kanji change how they are pronounced depending on the word it is in. In the case of this character following directly behind a country name it will always be pronounced jin.

   When you want to be more polite there are more ways to say a persons nationality.

   Japanese person = nihonjin (日本人)

   Japanese person (more) = nihonjin no hito (日本人の人)

   Japanese person (most polite) = nihonjin no kata (日本人の方)

The Japanese word for foreigner is gaikokujin (外国人) or gaijin (外人) for short. Japan is a country that is mostly made up of people of Asian decent. Immigrants and people of other cultures and races are not that common in Japan. Due to this those who are visible minorities are often labled as foreign looking. The ways that Japanese people divide race are,

   White person = hakujin (白人)

   Black person = kokujin (黒人)

   Yellow person = oushokujin (黄色人)

   The different words for human races are not used as often as the word gaijin, which usually groups together all the people who do not have Japanese citizenship.