The Japanese adjective for near is chikai (近い). The word that is used for far is tooi (遠い).

   Airport is near = kuukou wa chikai (空港は近い)

   Is it near = chikai desu ka (近いですか)

   It's very far = totemo tooi desu (とても遠いです)

   His house is far = kare no uchi wa tooi desu (彼の家は遠いです)

   When you want to use these two adjectives as a noun they become chikaku (近く) and tooku (遠く). This is used when you are referring to the location as a nearby place or faraway place.

   He lives in far away place = kare wa tooku ni sunde imasu

   Bob's house's nearby place there is store = bobu-san no ie no chikaku ni mise ga arimasu (ボブさんの家の近くに店があります)

   •The sentences above may sound strange if you literally translate them into English, but they would be equal to saying "He lives far away" and "Near bob's place is a store".