Add more colours such as katakana gurin etc.

   There are also other words that are used for Japanese colours as well. Some of the terms below are used to describe a specific shade of the colour.

(rose colour) = bara iro (薔薇色/バラ色)
(peach colour) = momoiro (桃色)
   Orange = daidai (橙)
   Light blue
(water colour) = mizuiro (水色)
(Fox colour) = kitsune iro (きつね色)
(wheat colour) = komugi iro (小麦色)
(mouse colour) = nezumiiro (鼠色)
   Gold = kin (金)
   Silver = gin (銀)

True colour

   You can add the prefix ma~ (真っ) in front of the colour to emphasize the colour bright or deep.

   Bright red = makka (真っ赤)
   Jet black = makkuro (真っ黒)
   Sparkling white = masshiro (真っ白)

   When you change a colour into this form and you want to use it in a sentence before a noun you need to add na (な) after the colour (just like you added no except all colours use na when in this form).


   A suffix that you can use for an off colour is ppoi (っぽい). This suffix means ish. It can be used on other words but when its used on colours when you don't know what to call the colour or the colour is kinda off.

   Greenish = midorippoi (緑っぽい)
   Yellowish = kiiroppoi (黄色っぽい)

   When you change a colour into this form you do not need to add no or na to the end of the colour. Instead you put the colour directly in front of the noun that it's describing.