Japan has a long history of cooking culture. The kitchen is a very important part of a Japanese home, because Japanese people love to cook. Unlike western countries, it's very common for Japanese people to cook their food from scratch.

   Kitchen in Japanese is daidokoro (台所), but it's also often called kicchin (キッチン). First we will look at the basic Japanese utensils used in the kitchen.

   Chawan (茶碗) is a bowl that is used for rice. It also is a type of bowl that is traditionally used for drinking tea at a tea ceremony. Now in Japan most people use yunomi (湯のみ), which are cups for drinking green tea, for drinking tea in their home.

   Eat with a fork = fooku de tabete (フォークで食べて)

   Is there a cup? = kappu arimasu ka (カップありますか)

   (I) have a cup = koppu o motte iru (コップを持っている)

   Chicken is (on) the plate = chikin wa osara ni arimasu

   To see a full list of Japanese kitchen vocabulary please take a look at our vocabulary section here.