Made (まで) is a particle used to indicate the limit. Its translation depends on the sentence but in general its similar to the English words,

   ● up to
   ● until
   ● as far as

   This train goes as far as Tokyo = kono densha wa toukyou made ikimasu (この電車は、東京まで行きます)

   Till what time? = nanji made? (何時まで?)

   Till now, Thank you = ima made arigatou (今までありがとう)

   Kara (から) can mean different things but in this lesson we will only cover one of its uses. It's close to the English word from.

   Came to Canada = kanada ni kita (カナダに来た)

   Came from Canada = kanada kara kita (カナダから来た)

   As you can see in the above sentence if you replace the particle ni with kara, the meaning changes.

   Where did you come from = doko kara kimashita ka

   Letter from Mother = okaasan kara no tegami (お母さんからの手紙)

   Kara and made are often seen together in the same sentence.

   From today till tomorrow (I will) study = kyou kara ashita made benkyou shimasu (今日から明日まで勉強します)

   In Morning, from 9-5 (I have) work = asa kuji kara goji made shigoto ga arimasu (朝9時から5時まで仕事があります)