To go

   The verb iku (行く) means go. Iku is a slightly irregular verb. The conjugation for the te/ta form is itte & itta. In all other forms it follows the regular conjugation rules.

   (I) wont go with jon = jon to ikanai (ジョンさんと行かない)

   Jon will go = jonsan wa iku (ジョンさんは行く)

   Since iku is a motion verb it's often seen with the particle ni.

   (I am) going to school = gakkou ni iku (学校に行く)

   (I) went to park = kouen ni itta (公園に行った)

   (My) child wont go to school = kodomo wa gakkou ni ikanai

   (I am) going to work = shigoto ni ikimasu (仕事に行きます)

To come

   The verb kuru (来る) means to come. It is a irregular verb. You must memorize the different forms of this verb. Here is a list of the conjugations using the forms we have already learned.

come/will come (polite)来ます kimasu
don't/wont come来ない konai
didn't come来なかった konakatta
came来た kita
came (polite)来ました kimashita
TE form来て kite

   Come to (my) house please = uchi ni kite kudasai (家に来てください)

   Today, (you) didn't come to school = kyou gakkou ni konakatta