The particle DE (で)

   De is a Japanese particle that has several different functions. One use is it indicates the place where an action takes place (in, at, is where)

   (I) am eating at McDonalds = makku de tabete iru

   Read in school = gakkou de yomimasu (学校で読みます)

   This particle is also used in indicating a method (by, through, by the means of, with)

   (I) went by plane = hikouki de ikimashita (飛行機で行きました)

   (Speak) in Japanese = nihongo de (日本語で)

   (He) came by train = densha de kita (電車で来た)

   Write in hiragana = hiragana de kaite (ひらがなで書いて)

   This particle has other uses that we will learn in future lessons.