In this section we will look at two important verbs, kureru (くれる) and ageru (あげる). Both verbs mean to give but they are not used in the same way. It is important that you do not mix them up, and remember their correct uses.


   This verb means to give and is used for the receivers point of view. You use this verb when someone else is giving something or doing something for you.

   Friend gave to me = tomodachi ga kureta (友達がくれた)

   Friend gave present to me = tomodachi ga watashi ni purezento o kureta (友達が私にプレゼントをくれた)

   This verb can be used with another verb in the te form. When it is used this way it means do something for (me). Another way to think of this is give me the favor of doing this.

   Will you buy bike for me? = jitensha o katte kureru no

   Will you lend me 1000 yen? = senen o kashite kureru?


   Ageru means to give. The difference between ageru and kureru is that this verb is used when you are doing something for someone else. To make it easy to compare, we will use the same examples that we did above.

   Friend is who I gave to = tomodachi ga ageta (友達があげた)

   I gave present to friend = watashi ga tomodachi ni purezento o ageta (私が友達にプレゼントをあげた)

   I will buy bike for you = jitensha o katte ageru

   I will lend you 1000 yen = senen o kashite ageru