Japanese kana lesson - Mix kana 1

   In this lesson we will be practicing hiragana and katakana mixed together. We will not be showing romaji in this lesson. If you don't already know katakana and hiragana please go back to those lessons.

   The particle is used to show the same as the word and. On a blank piece of paper write the words you see below.

    わたしといぬ (me and dog)

    ひととどうぶつ (person and animal)

    ほんとくるま (book and car)

    ペンといす (pen and chair)

    カメラとテレビ (camera and tv)

   Now on the same paper look around the room that you are in. Write down the items that you see in Japanese. If you can't think of anything in the room that you are in, use your favorite animals.

   Now we will look at the picture below and learn some new vocabulary.