Japanese kana lesson - Mix kana 1

   In this lesson we will be practicing hiragana and katakana mixed together. Below are words that should be written in katakana. On a blank paper please write them correctly.

    てれび (tv)

    おれんじ (orange)

    らじお (radio)

    ぺん (pen)

   The word なに means what. It can also be pronounced なに depending on the words that are around it. Since Japanese is a very flexible language, you can switch the sentence structure around prety easy.

   Below are some simple questions in Japanese as well as the answers below them.

    なにこれ? (what's this?)
    ペンです (It's a pen)

    あそこはなんですか (What is that over there?)
    あそこ、いぬがいます (Over there is a dog)

    これ、えんぴつですか (Is this a pencil)
    いいえ、それはへびです (No, Thats a snake)