Japanese Katakana lesson - A I U E O Vowels

   There are 5 vowels in Japanese. Every syllable in Japanese (except for N) is created with one of the vowels. These vowels are always pronounced the same way.

      A = ア
      I = イ
      U = ウ
      E = エ
      O = オ

   In order to remember the stroke order, on a blank piece of paper write down each character over and over again until you fill the paper. The more you write down the character the more you will remember it.

   It will also help if you write the characters in different orders. This will help you associate the sound with the character. On a blank piece of paper, convert the romaji bellow into the correct katakana symbol.

      I U E A O

      O O A I U

      E I U A O

      A U I E A