Japanese Katakana lesson - Handakuten Symbols

   All katakana symbols that start with the sound p have a handakuten. This is a small round circle in the top right corner of the character.

   It's important that you know the difference between the two, please translate the romaji into kana on a blank paper.

      PI PO PU PA PE


   Now we have learned all the common katakana. At this point if you don't remember all of them completely, you can practice below by converting the romaji into the correct kana on a blank paper.

      NA MI KO PA HO

      CHI DE SO A HA

      WA KI YU MI

      TSU BA HI FU O

      N KE I TO RO

      BU TA ZU JI GI

      DO I N GO A

      PI ME TE YA E

   Japanese has adopted many foreign words and have also added different sounds. Since these new sounds have been in place, new kana were added to represent these sounds.

   WO = ウォ

   TI = ティ

   DI = ディ

   FA = ファ

   FI = フィ

   FE = フェ

   FO = フォ